Kilkenny Stars (Kelts) 32 - 21 Tramore

Kilkenny Stars (Kelts) take all points from Tramore.
2nd placed Kilkenny Stars (Kelts) won 32-21 against their visitors, 4th placed Tramore at St Kieran's College at 7:30 pm

Kilkenny Stars (Kelts) have won 5 out of 7 home games.
Form: W W L L L W W L W W W W W W

Form: W L L W W L W W L L W L L L

Current League Position
Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Kilkenny Stars (KATS)
Baltinglass Bulldogs
Carlow BC
Portlaoise Panthers BC
Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)
Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)

2Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)1410451332334

This competition head to head
21/10/22 7 pmTramore1430Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)Tramore CBS
20/01/23 7:30 pmKilkenny Stars (Kelts)3221TramoreSt Kieran's College

Recent Results in this competition
Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)
15/03/23 6:45 pmKilkenny Stars (KATS)2639Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)
11/03/23 7 pmOld Leighlin BC1844Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)
08/03/23 7 pmKilkenny Stars (Kelts)2344Carlow BC
01/03/23 8 pmKilkenny Stars (Kelts)3435Portlaoise Panthers BC
25/02/23 3:50 pmCarlow BC3325Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)
15/02/23 8 pmKilkenny Stars (Kelts)5618Baltinglass Bulldogs
26/02/23 12 pmWildcats2253Tramore
21/02/23 8 pmTramore1937Portlaoise Panthers BC
11/02/23 2:15 pmCarlow BC2625Tramore
03/02/23 7 pmTramore339Baltinglass Bulldogs
29/01/23 1:45 pmBaltinglass Bulldogs020Tramore
20/01/23 7:30 pmKilkenny Stars (Kelts)3221Tramore
Referee Statistics
Canice Kelly461727217

Kilkenny Stars (Kelts)Tramore