Carlow BC 27 - 38 Kilkenny Stars (Amber)

Referee: Conor Rowe

Carlow BC are defeated by Kilkenny Stars (Amber).
9th placed Carlow BC were beaten at home by 7th placed Kilkenny Stars (Amber) at St Leo's College, Carlow at 3:30 pm

Carlow BC are currently on a losing streak of 6 games.
Form: L L L L L L W W L W L L L L

Kilkenny Stars (Amber) are currently on a losing streak of 9 games.They have lost 9 out of 11 away games.
Form: L L L L L L L L L W L L L W L W L L L W L

Current League Position
Last 16 Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Old Leighlin BC
Old Leighlin BC
Baltinglass Bulldogs
Baltinglass Bulldogs
Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
Portlaoise Panthers BC
Portlaoise Panthers BC
Waterford Vikings
Kilkenny Stars (Defenders)
South Tipp Titans
Wexford BC
Carlow BC

7Kilkenny Stars (Amber)2041652275328
9Carlow BC1431149267020

This competition head to head
09/01/23 9 pmKilkenny Stars (Amber)2128Carlow BCO'Loughlin Gael's Kilkenny
28/01/23 3:30 pmCarlow BC2738Kilkenny Stars (Amber)St Leo's College, Carlow

Club Fixture History
06/03/23 8 pmKilkenny Stars (Amber)3931Carlow BCBOYS U14
06/03/23 7 pmKilkenny Stars (Amber)228Carlow BCBOYS U12
28/01/23 2:15 pmCarlow BC3142Kilkenny Stars (Amber)BOYS U14
12/11/22 1 pmCarlow BC200Kilkenny Stars (Amber)BOYS U12

Recent Results in this competition
Carlow BC
12/03/23 10:30 amKilkenny Stars (Defenders)4338Carlow BC
08/03/23 7:45 pmCarlow BC2850Waterford Vikings
25/02/23 1:20 pmCarlow BC4352Baltinglass Bulldogs
18/02/23 6:15 pmWexford BC5336Carlow BC
14/02/23 8 pmWaterford Vikings5839Carlow BC
28/01/23 3:30 pmCarlow BC2738Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
20/03/23 9 pmKilkenny Stars (Amber)2148South Tipp Titans
18/03/23 12 pmPortlaoise Panthers BC200Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
13/03/23 9 pmCastlecomer3924Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
13/03/23Kilkenny Stars (Amber)2439Castlecomer
12/03/23 11:30 amOld Leighlin BC200Kilkenny Stars (Amber)
06/03/23 9 pmKilkenny Stars (Amber)4049Wexford BC
Referee Statistics
Conor Rowe79941731

Carlow BCKilkenny Stars (Amber)