Carlow Rock 80 - 37 Club Amber

Carlow Rock claim victory against Club Amber.
League leaders Carlow Rock comprehensively won 80-37 against their visitors, 6th placed Club Amber at Old Leighlin Community Hall, Carlow at 8:10 pm

Carlow Rock has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W W W W W W W W W W

Club Amber are currently on a losing streak of 5 games.They have lost 5 out of 6 away games.
Form: L L L L L W L W L L L L

Carlow Rock v Club Amber
Carlow Rock vs. Club Amber
Men's Div 25/03 20:10
Carlow Rock 80 - 37 Club Amber

Carlow Rock (34)80

A.Vaikuls 24

R. Vaikuls 17

Pauliukenas 12

Club Amber (21) 37

Courtney 10

Mickus 7

Henley 6

26/03/2019 10:34
Current League Position
1Carlow Rock1212084258236
6Club Amber1221044164216

This competition head to head
10/10/18 9 pmClub Amber3363Carlow RockO'Loughlin Gael's Kilkenny
25/03/19 8:10 pmCarlow Rock8037Club AmberOld Leighlin Community Hall, Carlow

Club Fixture History
30/03/22 9:15 pmClub Amber3865Carlow RockMENS LEAGUE
27/02/22 7 pmCarlow Rock7834Club AmberMENS LEAGUE

Recent Results in this competition
Carlow Rock
21/04/19 7 pmCarlow Rock6747St. Patricks
12/04/19 8:45 pmOld Leighlin BC4967Carlow Rock
01/04/19 8:10 pmCarlow Rock7262Waterford Vikings
25/03/19 8:10 pmCarlow Rock8037Club Amber
17/02/19 7 pmCarlow Rock7568Tramore A
13/02/19 9:15 pmTramore B6384Carlow Rock
Club Amber
18/04/19 8 pmWaterford Vikings5030Club Amber
07/04/19 5 pmOld Leighlin BC4238Club Amber
25/03/19 8:10 pmCarlow Rock8037Club Amber
05/03/19 9 pmClub Amber4467Tramore A
30/01/19 9 pmClub Amber3940Tramore B
23/01/19 9 pmClub Amber4645St. Patricks
Referee Statistics
Andy Cleary11374

Carlow RockClub Amber
A. Vaikuls12
D. Urbonavicius8
R. Vaikuls9
Aoghan Courtney25
Danny McDaid5
Philip Brennan12
Stephen Ryan8
Terrence Wilson4