Abbey Community College2220Waterpark College
St. Ailibes1225St. Annes
Ard Scoil Na Mara3611St. Pauls Community College
Grennan College136Borris VS
Pres Wexford3428Waterpark College
Pres Wexford408St. Annes
Round-Robin Games
FCJ Bunclody822Ransgrange CS
Comeragh College2524Our Lady of Loudres
Loreto Wexford2135Pres Wexford
Grennan CollegeColaiste Pobail Osrai
Ransgrange CS3036Bridgetown College
Pres Wexford134FCJ Bunclody
Our Lady of Loudres1823Ard Scoil Na Mara
St. Pauls Community College1026Abbey Community College
Ursuline Thurles1055Ballingarry
Waterpark College3417Comeragh College
Ballingarry2627St. Annes
Bridgetown College2055Pres Wexford
Waterpark College2723Castlecomer CS
Round-Robin Games
FCJ BunclodyLoreto Wexford
Abbey Community College1849Our Lady of Loudres
Castlecomer CS3313Grennan College
St. Pauls Community College1318Waterpark College
Ard Scoil Na Mara1924Comeragh College
Comeragh College2641Abbey Community College
Loreto Wexford3813Bridgetown College
Pres Wexford4410Ransgrange CS
Our Lady of LoudresSt. Pauls Community College
St. Annes1716Ursuline Thurles
St. Brigids Callan3637Colaiste Pobail Osrai
Waterpark College139Ard Scoil Na Mara
St. Ailibes1628Ballingarry
Ursuline Thurles1410St. Ailibes
Bridgetown College4218FCJ Bunclody
Castlecomer CS4239Colaiste Pobail Osrai
Our Lady of Loudres3437Waterpark College
St. Pauls Community College2428Comeragh College
Abbey Community College1420Ard Scoil Na Mara
Ransgrange CS1248Loreto Wexford
St. Brigids Callan2838Castlecomer CS
Grennan College1329St. Brigids Callan
Total : 42